Spellbinding stories of mystic love and soulful hope . . .  


What if your best friend in the world could not feel pain? 

 sweetie novel draft cover

Friendship, Courage, Hope . . .

A little mountain town in the 1960s, a reclusive girl who feels no pain, an unlikely friendship. Melissa will come to understand that just because Sweetie feels no physical pain, does not mean she cannot be hurt  . . . 

Lyrical and poignant gothic southern storytelling. Sweetie is a wild girl, rough, almost feral, yet brave and endlessly honest. When Melissa, a shy, stuttering town girl, befriends Sweetie, the two enrich each other's lonely lives. But there are some in the Appalachian community who regard Sweetie and her peculiar heritage as sinister...

For shy, stuttering Melissa, the wild mountain girl named Sweetie was a symbol of pride and strength. But to many in the Smoky Mountain town, Sweetie was an outcast, a sinister force, or worse. 

"SWEETIE, a crossover novel for adults and older teens.  Kat Magendie writes about the dark bends in the hollers of the soul, most usually the soul of high coves of Appalachia, coal country, West Virginia, or North Carolina, but it could be the soul of any of us on this whirling ball of deep spirits and spit . . . Sweetie is the haunted child of poverty and superstition in her mountain town. Tough for a reason, wild for good purpose, and doomed like her family, if the righteous decide it's time to clear out the hoodoo troublemakers. Melissa is the opposite, good girl, good family, except for the core of courage that turns out to be a match for Sweetie's. Odd best friends. And maybe doomed."

"A Southern novel in the classic tradition."

The strong, “quare” voice and supernatural elements also infuse Kathryn Magendie's novel, “Sweetie,” in which a bullied schoolgirl finds a friend in a wild spirit.--Asheville Citizen Times "what books are good as gifts"

"Sweetie tells of great beauty in the eyes of a child . . ." --The Mountaineer

Sweetie: Author talks about the wild, wonderful mountain girl who demanded to be heard “Sweetie” has received a warm welcome, charming fans and critics alike -- MSSNews, Sulphur Springs Texas

SWEETIE is a "Southern novel to its bones . . . There’s enough of the unexplainable to classify the book as magical realism, yet it doesn’t overwhelm the core story. Tackling big themes like mental illness, marriage, societal norms, religion and wavering self-esteem from the points-of-view of two young girls is a risky move—Magendie could easily have written characters who were too precocious to be likable, too worldly to be believable, or completely detached from the discomfited reality of Being Twelve. This isn’t the case. Melissa and Sweetie, as atypical as they are, live in the pages as real kids should; their reactions and concerns are standard twelve-year-old stuff . . . Quirky characters, regional dialect, mountain spirits and overall good storytelling make SWEETIE a quick, enjoyable read, especially for lovers of magical realism, coming-of-age or Southern novels. see the entire review at---Adrienne Crezo Best Damn Creative Writing Blog